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At Hopscotch Primary Care, we believe in the power of collaboration and partnership to transform healthcare for seniors. As a leading provider of value-based care in North Carolina, we are dedicated to driving the shift towards a more patient-centric and holistic approach to senior health.

About Our Insurance Agent Partnerships

Working With Hopscotch Primary Care

At Hopscotch Primary Care, we pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive, high-quality primary care to our patients. We believe that our patients deserve the best access to care possible, and that starts with their coverage options. As a licensed broker, you have the opportunity to be an advocate for our patients. You can ensure that our patients make informed decisions about their coverage options to get access to the care that they need and deserve. We welcome the opportunity to partner together to ensure the seniors in our community have the coverage that best serves their healthcare needs.

Dedicated Resources in-Clinic

We offer the opportunity for agents to participate in Agent Office Hours in our clinics to engage with patients. We also have team members dedicated to helping our patients navigate health insurance.

Community Education Opportunities

We can partner together to host educational events for our community members interested in learning more.

Client Education Resources

We have the resources available to support you in sharing more about Hopscotch Primary Care and helping clients identify the best coverage their healthcare needs.

Getting Support for Our Healthcare Partnership

Patient Marketing Collateral

We recognize the importance of effective information in promoting our services. That’s why we offer a range of materials created to resonate with both decision-makers and potential patients that highlights the benefits of partnering with Hopscotch. From brochures and flyers to case studies, our collateral will help you effectively communicate the value of primary care offerings.

Our Primary Care Services

Hopscotch Services

At Hopscotch, we offer a full suite of senior primary care services designed to meet the needs of the aging population. Our services include:

  • Preventive Care: We help our patients stay in front of any health conditions they may face. We listen to their concerns, take the time to learn their medical history, and work with them to create a comprehensive wellness plan that’s custom tailored for every patient.
  • Medication Management: We ensure that seniors are taking their prescribed medications correctly and avoiding any potential negative drug interactions.Through custom medication plans and regular check-ins, we help seniors stay on track and improve their condition(s).
  • Transitions of Care: Our transitions of care program reduces the risk of readmissions for high-risk, post-discharge patients. By providing comprehensive follow-up care and support, we help seniors navigate the critical period after hospitalization and ensure a smooth transition back to their homes.
  • Chronic Condition Management: We support seniors in effectively managing their ongoing health conditions. Through personalized care plans, regular check-ins, and coordination with specialists, we help seniors navigate the complexities of chronic diseases to improve their quality of life.
  • Behavioral Health: We provide support to seniors struggling with mental health challenges. Our team offers medication management to help seniors improve their mental well-being and overall quality of life.

Hear What Our Hopscotch Patients Have to Say

Our Testimonials

As a primary care clinic focused on our patients, we believe in letting our testimonials do the talking. Read the experiences of some of our patients to better understand the Hopscotch difference.


I find Dr. Westbrook to be a very kind and compassionate person. He actually takes time to listen to what the patient is saying, not just hearing it. I think he will be a welcome addition to the medical community in Marion as people begin to hear more about him and his practice.

Hopscotch Primary Care patient


The first visit / experience was great, kept me from having to go to the ER. You got me on the same day!! Thanks for caring!

Hopscotch Primary Care patient


The absolutely most caring physician and staff I have encountered in a long time. I love the whole person approach and the feeling that the doctor and team really care about my health.

Hopscotch Primary Care patient

Partner With Hopscotch Primary Care

Contact us today to learn more about potential partnership opportunities with Hopscotch or to refer a patient to one of our clinic.